Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gundam Fix Figuration 0026 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver Ka 1/144 Scale

I have to say this is one of the best Gundam Fix that I have come across. Most of my Gundam fixes are basically sitting on the self collecting dust. If you guys have any good and quick way to remove dust from the fixes, let me know. I would really appreciate it. This is the one those GFFs on my desk most of the time. Ahhh..... off the topic. This Gundam Rx-78-2 Ver. Ka has many different versions of it already. They are 0026, 0032, 0035, 0036, 0037, blue limited version, clear hk comic con version, clear san deiago comic con version. They all basically use the same body with different paint or no paint at all plus some different armors and guns. The newer ones with the internal frame, which make them even better. When you make something for a few different times, it better be good. I will go over different perspectives of the Gundam in terms of posting, quality, value, history, and personal opinions in this review.

Why is this one of the best?
In this edition, 0026, you get Gundam Rx-78-2 Ver. Kai, and RGM-79 "GM" ver. Kai. You get to choose between either the RX78 or the GM. This is a good feature, but that doesn't make it one of the best.

This is one of the better looking RX-78-2 out there with longer legs and body-legs-head ratio compare to the old RX-78 (G.F.F 0004).

This RX-78-2 is so flexible at the joints that you can basically do different posts, which is almost as good as the bigger brother G.F.F. 1001 Rx-78 Ver. Ka 1/100. I think the hand joints are even better than G.F.F. 1001. I will show you why later on.

With this version G.F.F. 0026, you can put the Gundam back in the G-fighter from G.F.F. 0004. The only problem is that the legs of the Ver. Ka is a bit too longer. You will have to take out the foot part in order to put the Gundam in.


As the previous section mentioned that you can pretty much do what ever you want with this RX-78-2. As you can see the below pictures.

This is not new, but I think it is worth mentioning. As you can see in the picture, the shoulder-arm joints will let you move the arms forward to the chest. This will let you hold the guns better.

Unlike some other fixes, Ex-S Gundam G.F.F 0014, you can't even hold a gun properly with the arm so stiff. The 1/100 1001 doesn't have this feature, and the arms and hands on 1001 is not as flexible as the 0026.

Since I live in the States, I got all my Gundam off ebay. I paid 30 dollars for it with 8.95 shipping back in the day (2006?) when the US dollars was not as low as now (8/2008). I think 30 bucks for 2 Rx-78-2 and RGM-79 is pretty good. Considering it is almost one of the best G.F.F. out there that you can get.

First appeared as part of the Mobile Suit Variations model kit series and designed by Kunio Okawara. This variant fulfilled the role of the RX-78-2 in the novel version of Mobile Suit Gundam where partway through the story the RX-78-2 was lost in combat. In terms of the official canon, it is a testbed Mobile Suit, built using the remains of other RX-78 units and used to test Mosk Han's magnet coating technology. The G-3 is cosmetically identical to the RX-78-2 Gundam, save for a new color scheme (grey and blue in the line art, grey and violet in more recent merchandise). Because it is identical to the RX-78-2, the G-3 is a fairly common variant in model and action figure form, either with full commercial releases or as limited edition figures and models.

The only flaw in the box is that I got a bent antenna. It has nothing to do with the Gumdam itself. Instead, it's the position when they put the Gundam in the box. This can be fixed pretty easily by a hot blow dryer. I just applied heat to the antenna, and bent it back straight.

Information courtesy of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RX-78-2

Sunday, September 28, 2008

G.F.F Comic-Con San Diego Special Edition

This is also a news from the Oct release of the Hobby Japan Magazine. Basically, it is about the G.F.F Comic-Con San Diego Special Edition. This is basically a G.F.F 0026, Gundam Rx-78 Ver. Ka. However, it only comes with only one shield, one gun, two swords, and 6 different hands. It is a bit different form the Hong Kong Gundam Expo 2007 clear version. The color is clear, but with a little bit of green. It also comes with a werid size box. Anyway, ho ho ho, I just got mine from the mail today. Two weeks ago, i got mine off ebay for 25 U.S. dollars. Limited edition is always cheap in the beginning. It would be hard to find and expensive a year or two later, just like the 0004 clear version. It's better to get it now before you are sorry!!! I have attached a picture of mine alone with this post.

Here is the picture of mine sitting on my display shelf. I plan to keep mine in the box.

Up Coming G.F.F Release Schedule

Here is the up coming G.F.F release schedule. You can see that they are releasing 1004 in Oct, and my guess is that it is 1001 without the G-armor. I happened to get my hand on the G.F.F Comic-Con San Diego Special Edition today!!

Next Gundam Fix 1005

Hmm.... Just came across the October release of the Hobby Japan Magzine, and found that Gundam Fix #1005 is gonna be MSZ-006 Z plus, which is a bigger version of Gundam Fix 0017a. There is not much details about it yet. What we know is that it's gonna be 18cm tall, similar to the 1001, and it can transform into a plane. I hope this time they can make the joints better. Since the Gundam Fix 0016's are pretty lose. Here is the scan of it!!