Sunday, November 23, 2008

MINI FIG coming near you in DEC!

Kyoshiro Maniax Mini Fig Vol. 2 - December release, 735 Yen each. I wonder if we can get it here in the States. It shouldn't be too bad, since they are around 8 dollars each!
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More pictures from around the web on the G. F. F. N.

The below picture is showing that the G. F. F. N is coming out in March.
  • same design
  • more details
  • more stable
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Gundam Fix 1005 MSZ-006 Z plus - more info 3

New image of Gundam Fix Metal composite 1005 from this link. The below pictue is in the Hummingbird mode.

The below picture is a comparison between the new Gundam Fix 1004 1/100 RX78-2 to the Gundam 1005. Boy, it is really big. From that pictuers, I can estimate that with the stand, the total height of the Gundam is around 25 inches ~ 40 cm tall.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

gundam Fix 1005 MSZ-006 Z plus - more info 2

Above are the pictures of the up coming Gundam Fix 1005. Here is a scan that I found from the internet. Basically, it confirms that you are going to have the same configurations as the Gundam Fix 0017a/b, which it meas that you will have six different status of the Z plus. There are three Gundam forms, and three mobile armor forms. Boy, it's asking price is 18,900 yen ~ roughly 194 US dollars as of today conversion rate! Double yikes! Most places are selling it with discount at around 15,000 yen.

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Gundam Fix 0018 and 0039 comparision - NT-1 Alex

If you are unaware of that Gundam Fix 0018 is the same Gundam Fix as 0039 The above picture shows that the differences between the new one and the older one. They are pretty much the same as you can see from above picture. Expect that the joints can move a wider degree of angles. It will looks a lot better if you do post them in pictures. If not, they are pretty much the same Fix!Locations of visitors to this page

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Up Coming G.F.F 0041, 0042?, 0043?

  • It is supposed to be similar to the below pictures which is the old Gundam Fix 0030 ZII
  • The G.F.F.N is going to be 140mm tall, comes with Mega Beam Rifle, Beam Saber, Clay Bazooka and a display base
  • It is going to be built with different material and with metal joints.
  • Higher details in paint job
  • Late March release, 8,190 Yen -- Yikes!! ~ roughly 80 US dollars!
check the link for details

Also, there two other Gundam Fixes coming, they are shown in the below picture. It is similar to the FA-78-1 Full Armor Gundam - the blue limited edition.

The other one is going to be the bigger version of the MINI FIG Devil Gundam "Bloody Marry"

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lastest Edition to the Fix Family - Perfect Zeong

I finally got this Zeonography off ebay, and it blew some holes in my wallet. It looks like it is retarded standing there! I am going to write a review about it soon! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

MINI FIG coming near you in NOV!

The MINI FIG! This is a new collection of figurations of 1/200 Gundam. By looking at the picture, the MINI FIGs are pretty good in details. The listed price for the MINI FIG is 780 yen. That comes to around 10 bucks each. Again, if you don't know this already. I live in Seattle, Washington. There is a Japanese Super Market, Uwajimaya, here. I hope they will sell those there. There price for toys are usually pretty good!

Here is the size comparison of the MINI FIG and the Gundam Fix.

Up Coming G.F.F Release Schedule - Dec 08

Wow, In Feb, we are going to get our hands on the big Z-plus!!!! Yes, I have covered so many time on this Gundam. I can't wait for it. There are also MINI FIG coming in DEC too. My next blog entry is going to cover that! Stay tuned! Also, the red warrior is coming in NOV too!