Wednesday, April 1, 2009

GUNDAM FIX FIGURATION METAL COMPOSITE #1005 worst Metal Composite ever?

When you spend ~170 dollars on a toy, it better be good! I am talking about the Gundam Fix Figuration Metal Composite #1005. This is not my review. It is rather one of the reviews that I found from the internet. The review is basically saying that 1005 is the worst G.F.F.M.C. ever!

As you know, metal composite always carry the high quality class of Gundam. Fully painted, highly movable metal joints, high quality plastic build, detail paints, and so on... you can talk all day about the G.F.F. metal composite. Instead, after I saw this review, it makes me re-think if I should get this one. I guess eventually i will get it, but not as soon as I used to. Most of the time it is pretty expensive to get it off ebay early on. I will wait till I travel to asia to get it with a cheaper prices.

You can see it if you click on the below pictures that the white part of the Gundam is not painted. They are the original raw platics color. I personally think that is a big problem. Not only it will look very plastic. Over time, if the plastic is not painted, it will turn yellowish. How in the world they would do that? Also, make sure there is not direct sun light to the Gundam too, or else it will change color even faster.

Nonetheless, the build of the Gundam looks good with the metal joints.

That's how they hide the arm into the shulder booster!

Now it even pack the light beam gun on the back of the gundam.

You can move the shoulder booster accordingly. Unlike the Gundam Fix 0016, you can't move the booster at all.

Pictures from here and review from here

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Mike said...

i really wanted to get this kit, my place here is selling at a price slightly lower than its yen price. however, it's still an expensive model no matter how...