Monday, October 6, 2008

G.F.F. #0014 Transformation Project - Day 2

Research, research, and research, and took it all apart! Now, I think I have enough information making it happen, transforming the Ex-S Gundam from Gundam form to G - Cruiser form.

I am doing this after work and during the weekend in a slow paste. The first day is all about research and taking the Ex-S Gundam apart. The pictures to the left is showing how a G-Cruiser should look like with the Gundam parts. Figuring out which part go where took a long time, but it took me even longer just to take the Gundam apart. It's not easy to do so because they glue the parts to damn tight together. I had to use so much force, and now my hand is hurting. I will go throught the details steps as I go through the rest of the days. My current plan is to work on the arms, legs, then to the body. By looking at the arms right now, it probably going to take me a long time to disassemble the Gundam's arms further. Will see how it goes later.

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