Thursday, October 9, 2008

G.F.F. #0014 Transformation Project - Day 4 - legs & body

Now it comes to the legs and body today! The leg is relatively easy. You only need three cuts and you are done.

Then just glue them together like the below picture! Easy!

The body is crazy. First, it took me a while to understand the below picture. Then to decide where to the body apart. The two part took a while already.

Alright, the is the body before you cut it without the head, arms and legs.

I would suggest you to first cut off the back piece, which I think this is the easiest part in term of separating body parts.

Then, cut off the shoulder part near the neck.

This is the hardest part of all the cutting. You have to make sure you separate the red piece from the chest. You need to be extra careful about the cutting. First, you need to cut off the red part from the edge and make sure you don't cut the joint, the grey area. Then, separate the rest of the upper body from the lower body. They are actually two piece to begin with, but the cutter can't reach the area where they glue the two piece together. I used a screw driver to separate them. It require extra force, really. My suggest is to force in a philip screw drive, and turn clockwise for 90 degree. It might also damage part of the body. Make sure you don't damage the part where you can see. I will show you a picture tomorrow, and you can take note on what part of the body will be seen from the outside.

Below are the gundam's body in four pieces. Finally, I will show you the pictures that I put all body parts together in the next two days.

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