Sunday, October 5, 2008

G.F.F. #0014 Transformation Project - Day 1

G.F.F #0014 is the Ex-S Gundam that is shown on the right. This is one of the G.F.F. that you love and hate. If it sit there by itself, it looks good with the big shoulder. The extra booster unit on the back makes this Gundam looks even nicer. O, yes, and the fuel tanks that hook to the shoulder nuclear reactor makes it a monster. Yes, It looks good, but that's it about it. You can't really do anything with it or post it beside moving the arms and legs a bit. It has to be on the display rack. It can't stand on it's feet because of the extra stuff on the back makes it off balance.
Supposely, the Ex-S Gundam can transform into the G Cruiser. It can't do that In this version of the Gundam Fix. This is one of the better looking Gundams, and I have be thinking about transforming this for a while, but didn't know where to start. Until one day, while I was surfing for cheap Gundam stuff, I came across this site. I found so much information about the Ex-S Gundam, and I decide to go ahead and make this happen!!!!!

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