Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gundam Mini Figure Selection

I was shopping at Uwajimaya, Seattle on Saturday, and was looking for some magazines. Then I found these mini figures were on sale. I remember they used to be 24.99 dollars. For some reasons, they marked down the price to 4.99. Wow, I immediately got one and took it home! I am thinking now if I should just go get another one!

They are Char's Customized Selection. The below words are from the box. The chief pilot of ZEON, Char Aznable uses his personal MS's colored in red. He performs excellently regardless place, in the space, on the gound, or in the water, with his matchless sense in battling. char's sucessive wins, the EFSF members dread him calling in the name of "Red Comet". He goes giving full play to his ability as a NEW TYPE PILOT.

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