Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gundam Fix Metal MRX-010 PSYCO GUNDAM Mk-II #1003 1/144 Scale

It's BIG! It is freaking HUGE. It's purple, and it's evil. That's my first impression!

This version of the Psyco Gundam MK II comes with a stand (shown in the below pictures) for Gundam mode, and Mobile Fortress mode. This fix is way bigger in real life than you can see in the pictures. It is around 300mm tall. It's the tallest Fix out there in the wild!

It's even bigger and taller than the Gundam FIX 1002 Psyco Gundam Metal Composite Fix!

Now let's dive down to the details. B0y, this Fix is perfectly painted, the paint job is as perfect as all the other 100X series. Not a single flaw on the paint job! However, the head. Hmm.... the head is a bit inproportional compare to the rest of the body. I wish they can make the head a bit bigger. Also, the legs are way too log for the body too, or the body is too short for the Gundam. To see that in perspective, MK II is taller than the MK I, but the head is smaller, and the body is shorter. It is just not quite working for me.

The Gundam is made of the hard plastic and metal. However, The only metal parts are the joints. The actual metal part is in the ass, the leg joints, and internal leg frame. You can see that from the below pictures.

The "mobile fortress" mode:

When the Gundam in this mode, it looks awesome! It looks as good as it can be!


One word! Hard! This fix is hard to post! The legs are too long. There is a tendency for all transformable Fixes that they look out of proportion when they are in the Gundam form, and their parts are falling apart. Good examples are the Gundam Fix 0024 Z Gundam, and the Gundam Fix 0016 Z plus. The below picture is the best I can post this Gundam. Don't get me wrong, when the Gundam is in the mobile fortress mode, it looks awesome. It looks some what funky when it is in Gundam mode.


It's huge and with the excellent paint job. I think it worth getting it if you can get it under 100 US dollars including shipping from ebay.


Roughly halfway through Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, the mostly-intact body of the Psyco Mark II was recovered by the Neo Zeon forces under Haman Khan. After being brought back online, the Mark II is delivered to Glemy Toto's detachment overseeing the colony drop operation on Dublin. Piloted by Puru Two (a clone of Elpeo Puru in Toto's service), the Mark II's full potential wreaks havoc on the AEUG forces attempting to evacuate Dublin. The goliath is heavily damaged during the drop itself, and destroyed for good by protagonist Judau Ashta'sZZ Gundam (unlike its previous operator, Puru Two makes good use of the detachable head and escapes).


This Fix has some head, body, and legs proportional problems. However the paint job is perfectly done, and it's huge. It's not a must buy, but if you have extra money to spend, get it! I still recommend people to get this huge Gundam Fix!

more pictures can be found here

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Ling Hon said...
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Ling Hon said...

C'mom, the small head and long legs are the hallmark features distinguishing Psycho Gundam Mk-II from its predecessor. Check out the original design pictures ( and you can immediately tell the difference. There is NO disproportion problem this reviewer mentions at all.

Quattro said...
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Quattro said...

This review misleads the reader by saying this figure is hard to pose and their parts are falling apart. Fortunately, that is simply untrue. I can pose this figure pretty easily and have it look as dynamic as in the original show. Psycho Gundam in the anime itself doesn't make any dramatic move -- it is simply not that type of robot. But ths fix figure actually can be posed as walking and making menacing gestures. AND NOTHING FALLS APART however you toy with it because it comes pretty much in one whole piece. The only thing that could fall apart is the shield -- but only if you install it in a wrong way.

But the paint is not as perfect as this review claims. If you look at the back of the box art or the cover of the manual, you see the exposed joint of the shield in purple, which is faithful to the original anime. But the color at the shield joint of the figure inside the box is actually white. For an unknown reason, Bandai forgot to paint that tiny but very visible part, and they tried to cover it up by a photoshop picture (but they also forgot to do the photoshop editing to another picture inside the manual on p 5, which truthfully reveals the joint white).

Finally, this revew forgot to mention that one thng is starkly missing from this figure -- the gigantic beam saber. This signature weapon is mentioned in the profile description on the box, but just like in the case of MSiA Dendrobrium, Bandai simply cheats us by not including the beam saber. C'mon, that is simply another little piece of plastic. I never really understand why Bandai would choose to keep things not perfect while they could have easily achieved it and made their customers happier.

Duncan said...

Don't get me wrong, I really like this Gundam Fix. You really can't argue with me about the paint job compare to 1005, or 1004. Well, it might not be perfect.

I have to say that the head scale might be alight, but even after compare to the original design, the legs are just a bit too long to me. It might be just me.

@Quattro, when I say it's hard to post. I meant that is hard to post compare to other Gundam Fix. I should be clear on that. To be honest, this Gundam Fix is very good in the paint job compare to the others. May be I should take it back about it's being perfect, but close enough!

Yes, I totally missed "the gigantic beam saber". Why-o-why don't they just include that?!

Kjhoh said...

OMG where you got this!
I need it so badlY!

Duncan said...

I got mine from ebay for 130 us dollars. It's more expensive now. I guess it has to do with the yen being so expensive now!